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Hi, I'm Anthony Ciccarello!

I'm a software engineer living in Southern California building cool things using JavaScript and other web technologies. I enjoy traveling to other countries and spending time in nature.

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10 years experience with JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML/CSS, and Java. Degree in Computer Engineering.


User interfaces, user experience flows, and code that are easy to understand, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing


Flexibility to learn new tools, frameworks, and langugages. Experience to teach software development best practices.

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I currently work remotely as a Senior Software Engineer for ICD doing full-stack development. Previously I've worked for SitePen, DISH Network, and Teradata. I've primarily worked on creating JavaScript front-end applications and Java back-end APIs but have a wide range of experience across various projects. See my resume for my full career history.


My personal life is primarially focused on raising kids who are in foster care. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and playing ultimate frisbee. I like working on small wood working projects and caring for my indoor and outdoor plants. Additionally, I contribute to Open Source software in my free time and was a maintainer of TypeDoc project.

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  1. Trying out TypeScript in JSDoc Comments

    I really like the feedback TypeScript provides. I think those type hints are essential for using libraries and working on large teams. Even for small projects, TypeScript has saved me a lot of time. What hasn’t saved me a lot of time is dealing with build tools. Any time I...

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  2. A garden blog where you can post the growth (or decline) of your plants and gardens. Would be really cool to see changes over time. Would also be cool to see more updates about people taking care of their plants and building a culture around that. We have Instagram accounts...

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  3. A search engine that only checks posts from specific people and sites you follow. Specifically for recipes, reviews/recommendations. There’s a lot of SEO crap out there. This would hinge on people and brands building enough trust that people opt-in to them rather than building enough SEO juice to get to...

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  4. Today I Learned about geek codes. Seems like a fun sub-culture creation. Here’s to hoping I created this correctly… -----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----- Version: 3.1 GCS d- s+: a C$ !U P-- L+ !E W+++ !N !o K--? w- !O? M !V PS+@ PE@ !Y !PGP-- !t 5? !X !R*...

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