A couple weeks ago, Bekah and I accepted our first foster placement of two young kiddos; a five-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. They are beautiful kids who love to have fun. They also have been through a lot, both in life and now being separated from their family. We are happy to provide a safe place for them during this tough time but also heartbroken by the pain they feel.

It’s been fun getting to know these kiddos and their personalities. Our five-year-old has loved building train sets, throwing a ball around in the back yard, and petting farm animals at a local pumpkin festival. His responses are always passionate, from bouncing off the walls to lovingly holding a baby chick. Our one-year-old is quite the explorer, pressing every button, opening every door, and trying every new food. Her toothy grins and belly laughs have kept us smiling. They’ve gone through so many emotions and have let us into their lives. I’ve also seen how much they love their bio-mom and grandma and how hard it’s been to be apart from them.

The first week was an absolute whirlwind for us as Bekah and I transitioned to parenthood. Navigating big feelings from little kids, piles of toys, dirty diapers, car seats, school enrollment, and midnight tears so quickly has been a lot to manage. We’ve worked through conversations with social workers, foster care reporting requirements, dentists visits, family visits, and a first day of school. Overwhelmed was a common feeling.

I am so grateful for the people who have stepped up and reached out to help. The kiddos have loved the books and toys people have sent. The meals people cooked made it easy to eat when nothing else was easy. Texts and phone calls have been a great encouragement even if we haven’t had time to answer. I’m especially grateful for the friends and family who came to visit and help out with the kids.

Please pray for the kiddos and their family as they work towards reunification. It’s a long road ahead and we are hoping for the best possible outcomes for the kids. To learn more about our foster care journey, subscribe to updates, and to see how you can help, Visit the fostering page.