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Short thoughts and replies that weren't a whole blog post.

  1. My favorite part of Apple Music’s “Spotify Wrapped” clone is seeing where the app broke and logged 100+ plays on something I only played a few times. Last year was a Charlie Brown Christmas with an honorable mention of 60 plays of The Prince of Egypt. This year was Pixar’s...

  2. I recently added a micropub server to make it easier to post to my site. Sorry if that means more dumb words. I’m hoping it encourages me to post more pictures though.

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  3. Watching the Beckham documentary puts a whole 'nother dimension to Ted Lasso as an American.

  4. I donate blood for the free snacks.

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  5. TIL that AM and PM (short for the latin ante meridiem and post meridiem) are styled lowercase with a preceding space and punctuation in most style guides “10:10 a.m.” or “6 p.m.” rather than uppercase. Or if the style is upper case, small caps are recommended with no punctuation such...

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  6. I just merged a big update to the site which adds dark mode and some other style changes. The site now uses system fonts and doesn’t include the material css library which should reduce the size of the initial page load. The main goal was simplifying the codebase but css...

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  7. Someone tell the French opera they need to update their windows machine.

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  8. I played around with the Deno JS environment yesterday for the first time in a while and found it surprisingly nice to work with. I liked how integrated everything felt with built in tools like testing and formatting. I also like the idea of the permissions system, though I’m not...

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  9. Today I repaired our noisy clothes dryer and I have a new respect for how the box I used to take for granted works. Also grateful for the wealth of home repair knowledge on YouTube.

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  10. It’s interesting watching the release of Meta’s new Twitter clone, Threads. I’ve largely left the algorithmic attention traps of the major social networks but I’m (cautiously) excited about the possibility they will embrace open standards. I’d love to restore internet connections with family who’s content I miss.

  11. Stopped by REI this week and was reminded that for anything you can buy for your home, you can buy a version smaller/lighter/more expensive for camping. Dishes, clothes, furniture, tools; there’s gear for it all!

  12. Congrats to my brother on scoring 1000 points for his high school basketball team. Quite the achievement! 🏀

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  13. Been thinking about potential new places to travel to this year and beyond. There are so many amazing options. Hawaii Alaska Glacier National Park Yosemite National Park Oaxaca Mexico Iceland Argentina/Patagonia New Zealand Netherlands South Africa Scotland

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  14. TIL there are lots of groundhogs predicting the weather

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  15. I find it funny how often NPR uses instrumental versions of Taylor Swift songs for interludes. I heard it twice today!

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