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Short thoughts and replies that weren't a whole blog post.

  1. @clmazin but those of us who follow him should love others enough to address those issues. #JesusChangesEverything

    • JesusChangesEverything
  2. “Ending Inmate Isolation: Inside the Battle to Stop Solitary Confinement in America” by @GabrielleCanon…

  3. Great job by the @angularjs team managing all of the issues they receive on GitHub. Glad to see progress :)…

  4. @Jakeherringbone I heard about @laravelshift which does something similar for #laravel apps. @gonedark could have some incites.

    • laravel
  5. Enjoyed listening to the passion of #emberjs community on @JavaScriptAir! "JavaScript Frameworks: Ember" w/ @gavinjoyce, @mixonic, and @rwjblue is up! 😻— JavaScript Air (@JavaScriptAir) April 28, 2016

    • emberjs
  6. Finally got around to publishing “Takeaways from ng-conf 2016”… #ngconf

    • ngconf
  7. 23 Dave’s? #ngdave #ngconf

    • ngdave
    • ngconf
  8. Impressed with the @code snippets shown at #ngconf . Nice work @John_Papa

    • ngconf
  9. Angular 2 Master class project is coming along…great workshop from @PascalPrecht #ngconfng2

    • ngconfng2
  10. Data Analytics & Account Exec Job Openings at Teradata…

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