The San Diego robin irruption is real. Our backyard has recently been filled with American Robins. I’ve counted at least 50 in our immediate yard and probably over 100 in the neighborhood. It’s a phenomenon that’s been seen all across San Diego County. The birds which are rarely seen this far south have shown up in large numbers likely due to a storm or food shortage in their normal range.

Either way, it’s been fun seeing them take over the yard for a few hours. They haven’t been here every day, but when they do, they feast on the Brazilian Pepper Tree fruits and fight over the bird bath. One day I noticed a Cedar Waxwing following along in the trees and at the bath, though wary of the larger robins. Our resident Northern Mockingbird hasn’t been too pleased with the visitors to it’s territory. The mocking bird only seems able to flush out a couple robins at a time. But when the robins really get spooked, perhaps by a passing hawk, they fill the sky.

closeup of a robin standing in grass
It’s been cool being able to see all the plumage details
7+ robins in a tree with small red fruits
The robins have come while the Brazilian Pepper trees are full of fruit
robins crowding a wide birdbath with 2 more wanting their place
10 robins is the most I’ve counted in the birdbath so far
robin on a branch with palm fronds in the background
Unsurprisingly, I haven’t seen any robins up in the palm trees