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  1. It’s comforting to know that God won’t disown us for having weak faith. If we remain in him he will continue to support us. Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him. If...

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  2. Despite the shifting ground the pyramids of Yohualichan still stand, though some of them have been restored. Built around the year 1200 AD, these were some of the earliest pyramids of the Totonac people who later moved on to create larger settlements, with their distinct architectural style of square “windows”...

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  3. Sometimes traveling off the beaten path is worth the effort. @bekahbugs and I had an amazing time Exploring #cuetzalan #mexico despite the long bus ride on winding mountain roads.

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  4. Avenida Independencia in Atlixco on Benito Juarez Day

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  5. This is a cool plant sometimes referred to as a “sensitive plant”. It folds up when touched perhaps has a way to avoid being eaten. I remember seeing some back in Liberia. Apparently they are native in tropical parts of the Americas.

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  6. Yesterday was a colorful day: meeting friends on the highway, exploring Atlixco, losing our keys, volcanic eruptions. I feel like we are doing a good job of keeping life from getting boring.

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  7. Mexico’s plant game is strong 🌵🌵🌵

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  8. I’ve picked up my pace on Duolingo the past few months and have now completed the second level of the Spanish tree. Having had regular exposure to simple sentences has definitely made it easier to learn the language now that we are in Mexico. Pro tip: If the lessons...

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  9. Gracias a nuestros nuevos amigos de Puebla por un día muy divertido. @bekahbugs and I had a great time touring Puebla today and checking out Fort Loreto.

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  10. This weekend we were able to enjoy walking around the beautiful downtown of @pueblatravel. It was fun playing the tourist and checking out this artist market as well as visiting some of the bigger cathedrals.

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  11. I love sharing life with this beautiful woman. You bring me joy and my life is much more fun with you. And traveling with you reminds of that even more. Thanks for making me feel special and accepting me in all my quirkiness. I’m grateful for every day I get...

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  12. What I am grateful for from 2018

    Looking back, the past year has been filled with transition. My wife and I knew that she would be finishing her fellowship program. We knew that we would likely move to California at the end of the year. We didn’t know that half way through January, I would learn that...

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  13. Updating the Decorators Proposal for the Holidays

    The Ecma TC39 committee, which standardizes the JavaScript language (officially known as ECMAScript), has been discussing a decorators proposal for several years. Transpilers like TypeScript and Babel implemented the initial version of the decorators proposal, allowing developers and frameworks to start using the proposal before the feature became an official...

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  14. Automate Mojave Dark mode configuration

    If you like to automate your macOS configuration via bash scripts and have recently setup Mojave, you may be wondering how to enable dark mode, the configuration is called “AppleInterfaceStyle” and can be set using the following command. defaults write "Apple Global Domain" "AppleInterfaceStyle" "Dark" If you would like to...

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  15. Why I Got a Twitter Account

    How joining the social networking platform helped me become a better programmer


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