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  1. The roses were in full bloom this weekend at the rose gardens. So many interesting varieties. Loved these “Love Song“ roses “Rock-n-roll“ roses I'm a little mesmerized by this animation

      photo nature plants
  2. I got a lot of sun this weekend, but I’d like to think it was worth it.

      photo plants nature
  3. I think plants just go crazy in Southern California 🤔

      photo nature plants
  4. Greek Meatballs and Lemon Butter Orzo

    We have really liked this recipe from Half Baked Harvest but wanted some more meat so we’ve adjusted the proportions. Ingredients Note: If using fresh oregano, double the amount. Also, the ingredients list is auto-generated and doesn’t merge ingredients that are used multiple times so read the whole list. Summary...

      recipe dinner stove pasta chicken lemon
  5. Saw quite a few of these handsome California Quail out hiking this weekend.

      photo nature birding birds
  6. I love that this is named a “Cobwebby thistle”. It’s so cool to look at.

      photo nature plants
  7. Had a really fun time flying into the “Airport in the Sky” on Catalina Island this weekend. It was beautiful! Avalon Bay

      photo landscape ocean
  8. TIL that they make earplugs specifically for concerts. As someone with sensitive ears I need to look into these for the next time I go to a concert in person.

      note TIL
  9. TIL you can emulate the as const type suffix in JS with a helper function. (source) /** * Identity function. Coerces string/number literals to value-as-type. * @template {string|number} T * @param {T} v * @return {T} */function toConst(v) { return v;}const five = toConst(5);// --> Type shows up as 5...

      note TIL technology
  10. I’ve added a new type of post to my site. This should open a whole world of possibilities integrating with standards!

      note indieweb site changes
  11. Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole

    We started making this recipe as a traditional stuffed pepper, with the filling placed inside the pepper. However, it was difficult to get the peppers cooked enough and the filling didn’t want to stay inside the pepper anyway. So we tried making it as more of a casserole instead which...

      recipe dinner pepper beef oven casserole
  12. We saw a beautiful sunset this weekend with our friends. The gulls seemed like they were ready for the day to be over.

      photo sunset birds ocean
  13. I’m grateful for getting time outside to relax.

      photo landscape river
  14. Thinking of everyone back east getting snow and ice this week. Stay safe!

      photo farm landscape winter
  15. Teriyaki Chicken Noodles

    Inspired by Nadiya Hussain

      recipe dinner chicken oven

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