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  1. Brought in some of my plants that weren’t doing so well in the 115° F (46° C) heat today. Also bought another kalanchoe plant. I need to figure out how the nurseries keep them from sprawling out.

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  2. I love this little collection of plants against this tree trunk.

      photo Guatemala travel plants nature
  3. The Catholic churches in Antigua were all beautifully decorated and with yellow and white like this. They often were near more open spaces where people would spill out after mass and where vendors would be selling street food.

      photo Guatemala travel architecture
  4. Iconic Antigua Guatemala’s Santa Catalina Arch

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  5. My plant loving soul really enjoys traveling around the tropics.

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  6. Guatemala in many ways is a country fighting against the forces of mother nature. The Convent of the order of the Recollects was built at the beginning of the 18th century but was repeatedly damaged by earthquakes. Within 75 years, much of the complex was heavily damage. Today it stands...

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  7. Hello #costarica🇨🇷

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  8. While we were in Peru, I had a lot of fun discovering different kinds of birds. By the end of our trip I had seen 75 different species. @bekahbugs found it quite comical that we saw “hundreds of Peruvian Boobies” on the Ballestas Islands in Paracas. Who said birding was...

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  9. Birding in Peru

    When my wife and I arrived in Peru, I didn’t know that I would eventually identify 75 different species in the country. At the time, I was just getting back into bird watching and had less than 100 species on my lifetime list. Peru is not known as an eco-tourism...

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  10. She’s the reason we get out and do fun things. She scouts out the best places to go, looks at plane tickets while there are still plenty of options, and reminds me that life is worth enjoying. So when she starts feeding the street dogs, I try not to give...

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  11. México city seems so close yet so far.

      photo travel Mexico architecture
  12. Visiting Peru has been a wonderful mix of family, friends, culture, history, language, and nature. We were able to travel to several different parts of the country though there is much more to see. I’d love to come again. Thanks to my cousin @wdevenney55 and his wife @mayra_devenney for all...

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    • photo travel Peru plants
  13. Huaca Pucllana is an adobe pyramid dating as early as 400 A.D. however until the 1980s it was just a dirt mound located in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima.

      photo travel Peru ruins
  14. @duolingo has a bunch of new lessons in their Spanish course. Glad to see them expanding the content and teaching lessons like “what is that phrase everyone keeps saying in restaurants?”.

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