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  1. Wedding in Washington

    And other PNW adventures

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  2. Birding in 2020

    2020 Trends After a year of international travel that triggered my re-entry into bird watching, 2020 was a much more restrained year. While life events and global lockdowns kept me in the US, I enjoyed refining my birding skills and focusing on more birding from home. As the stress of...

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  3. A new bird for every day of the year

    Birding in 2019

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  4. I’m grateful we were able to travel last year. There are so many beautiful places in the world to see.

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  5. My post about our time in Venice is finally posted! This is the last post in my series about our trip to Italy last October. The Doge’s Palace, shown here, was one of the cool places we toured while staying in the city. When Venice was a regional power, the...

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  6. A Weekend in Venice

    As a boy, I remember my grandmother telling stories of her and my grandfather’s trip to Italy. The two of them were invited by a sibling to go on the trip with most expenses paid. For some reason, the destination that I remember hearing about most vividly was Venice. I...

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  7. A year ago, @bekahbugs and I were in Cuetzalan Mexico which is in the mountains between Puebla and Veracruz. It was our first solo trip since we had arrived in Mexico and it forced us to practice our Spanish with people who didn’t know English. It’s a magical town with...

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  8. I finished my blog post about Orvieto this weekend. It’s a really cool town with lots of interesting history like how it was a Papal residence after the Pope was ousted from Rome. The town has this huge cathedral (or duomo) in the middle of town. Unfortunately it will likely...

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  9. I’m working on a blog post about our time in Orvieto last October. It’s been fun remembering everything we did together with my parents and siblings. I’m glad we could take that trip together.

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  10. Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife. I love getting to experience life with you. 😍

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  11. Four months ago @bekahbugs and I visited Rome and made a whirlwind tour of the biggest sights. The art and architecture were breathtaking. There is a mix of modern and historic across the city making it a fun place to travel through. I’ve written down some of my memories into...

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  12. Rome is a Work of Art

    Rome is such a massively historic city that I didn’t know what to expect when arriving in modern-day Rome. I’ve read so much about it in the context of ancient history but relatively little about the last couple hundred years. What we encountered was a mix of multiple centuries organically...

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  13. Relaxing in the Orvieto Countryside

    After meeting up with my family, we drove to the town of Orvieto a little more than an hour outside of Rome. We stayed in Orvieto because my sister was studying there for a semester of her undergrad and had classes during the week. It may not be top of...

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  14. This year was filled with some great experiences as @bekahbugs and I traveled to places I thought I’d never see. Looking ahead I see both light and challenges as we look to navigate our next chapter. But I’m grateful for the loving people around me that have helped me every...

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  15. Anniversary on the Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful section of coastline on Italy’s western shore one providence south of Rome. Its steep hill produces great views pretty much anywhere you stay. We chose to stay in this region for the solo-anniversary portion of our trip based on several recommendations we had heard....

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  16. We Traveled to Italy!

    A Change of Plans After our honeymoon in Cancun, Bekah and I started saving for our 5-year anniversary trip to Hawaii because we really enjoyed the chance to travel to beautiful places together. Five years and half a dozen countries later, we were still planning on taking that 5-year anniversary...

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  17. I took some time to write about Peru this weekend. It has been fun to think about all the cool places we were able to see. Hoping to share some stories soon.

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  18. I love this little collection of plants against this tree trunk.

      Guatemala travel plants nature
  19. The Catholic churches in Antigua were all beautifully decorated and with yellow and white like this. They often were near more open spaces where people would spill out after mass and where vendors would be selling street food.

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  20. Iconic Antigua Guatemala’s Santa Catalina Arch

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  21. My plant loving soul really enjoys traveling around the tropics.

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  22. Guatemala in many ways is a country fighting against the forces of mother nature. The Convent of the order of the Recollects was built at the beginning of the 18th century but was repeatedly damaged by earthquakes. Within 75 years, much of the complex was heavily damage. Today it stands...

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  23. Hello #costarica🇨🇷

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  24. While we were in Peru, I had a lot of fun discovering different kinds of birds. By the end of our trip I had seen 75 different species. @bekahbugs found it quite comical that we saw “hundreds of Peruvian Boobies” on the Ballestas Islands in Paracas. Who said birding was...

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  25. Birding in Peru

    When my wife and I arrived in Peru, I didn’t know that I would eventually identify 75 different species in the country. At the time, I was just getting back into bird watching and had less than 100 species on my lifetime list. Peru is not known as an eco-tourism...

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  26. She’s the reason we get out and do fun things. She scouts out the best places to go, looks at plane tickets while there are still plenty of options, and reminds me that life is worth enjoying. So when she starts feeding the street dogs, I try not to give...

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  27. México city seems so close yet so far.

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  28. Visiting Peru has been a wonderful mix of family, friends, culture, history, language, and nature. We were able to travel to several different parts of the country though there is much more to see. I’d love to come again. Thanks to my cousin @wdevenney55 and his wife @mayra_devenney for all...

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  29. Huaca Pucllana is an adobe pyramid dating as early as 400 A.D. however until the 1980s it was just a dirt mound located in the Miraflores neighborhood of Lima.

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  30. Stonework

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  31. I’ve been missing the mountains and I can’t think of a more dramatic place to enjoy them. I’m so grateful we were able to go on this trip.

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  32. One of the best parts of our trip has been meeting up with friends and getting to see their corner of the world. Last month we had fun hiking up the Peña de Bernal with the Dalolio’s to check out the views looking over the town of Bernal. The Peña...

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  33. Almost ready for more #traveling

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  34. Stages of Talavera

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  35. Estamos en Puebla, México

    Back in February, my wife Bekah and I packed up our things and left the United States for Puebla, Mexico. We left Colorado last year after I began working remotely and my wife began working on her online master’s degree full time. But with no job holding us to a...

  36. It’s comforting to know that God won’t disown us for having weak faith. If we remain in him he will continue to support us. Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him. If...

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  37. Despite the shifting ground the pyramids of Yohualichan still stand, though some of them have been restored. Built around the year 1200 AD, these were some of the earliest pyramids of the Totonac people who later moved on to create larger settlements, with their distinct architectural style of square “windows”...

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  38. Sometimes traveling off the beaten path is worth the effort. @bekahbugs and I had an amazing time Exploring #cuetzalan #mexico despite the long bus ride on winding mountain roads.

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  39. Avenida Independencia in Atlixco on Benito Juarez Day

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  40. This is a cool plant sometimes referred to as a “sensitive plant”. It folds up when touched perhaps has a way to avoid being eaten. I remember seeing some back in Liberia. Apparently they are native in tropical parts of the Americas.

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  41. Yesterday was a colorful day: meeting friends on the highway, exploring Atlixco, losing our keys, volcanic eruptions. I feel like we are doing a good job of keeping life from getting boring.

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  42. Mexico’s plant game is strong 🌵🌵🌵

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  43. Gracias a nuestros nuevos amigos de Puebla por un día muy divertido. @bekahbugs and I had a great time touring Puebla today and checking out Fort Loreto.

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  44. This weekend we were able to enjoy walking around the beautiful downtown of @pueblatravel. It was fun playing the tourist and checking out this artist market as well as visiting some of the bigger cathedrals.

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  45. I love sharing life with this beautiful woman. You bring me joy and my life is much more fun with you. And traveling with you reminds of that even more. Thanks for making me feel special and accepting me in all my quirkiness. I’m grateful for every day I get...

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  46. An Overview of Our Trip

    For those of you who had checked our blog while we were in Liberia, I’d like to apologize for our lack of updates. We were unsure of what our housing situation would be but we knew that during Bekah’s last trip she could get online from her housing at the...

  47. Getting An Introduction to Africa

    Detour to Senegal