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  1. Getting An Introduction to Africa

    Detour to Senegal

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    • travel
    • Senegal
    • Liberia
  2. Photography has been a fun hobby to pick up. Though I may backfill older posts I wanted to start with something fresh. I’m looking forward to adding more content to my site.

    • photo
    • nature
    • ocean
    • site changes
  3. I’ve added a new type of post to my site. This should open a whole world of possibilities integrating with standards!

    • note
    • IndieWeb
    • site changes
  4. I know there’s an open issue to add documentation but if it’s helpful you can look at the relevant commits on my site. The piece missing from the docs is adding a link with a class of “u-url” and an href with your username in the format to your...

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    • IndieWeb
  5. Don’t say I never sent you a webmention.

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  6. Liked “Taking a break from personal projects: Mental health and coding” by James' Coffee Blog ☕

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  7. Liked a photo by Paul Robert Lloyd: “Summer sunshine.”

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