You know how all services want more users? Well I decided to write down a list of those referral links. If you think one of these services would be useful to you, consider signing up with the below link. It’ll benefit me, if not both of us!

My favorite apps

A couple apps I use daily have a free premium bonus (for me) if someone else joins.


You get: A new language learning app (nothing extra)

I get: A month of premium access

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You get: A streaming subscription (nothing extra)

I get: Credits towards my Netflix subscription

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Financial services

These financial accounts have cash incentives for joining under my referral link.


You get: A fee-free transfer up to $600 when they sign up with your link.

I get: $115 when 3 friends sed over $300 in one go. (Same currency transactions don’t apply.)

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Transportation and Delivery Apps

Bark Box

Our puppy regularly chews through new toys so this subscription service is a nice way to keep things fresh. It also includes dog treats so we have something for training too.

You Get: 2X the free goodies - Double Deluxe with your first order

I get: A $20 Barkshop credit when you make a purchase.

Uber eats

You get: $20 off your first $25+ order after signing up

I get: $10 off a $25+ order

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You get: $10 off your first order over $15 (before tip/tax/fees) after signing up

I get: $10 off a $25+ order

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Other services

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous people. But why not?


We recently got one of their products for our home. This company has a range of products from Robot vacuums to filtered cat water bowls to security systems. I’m excited about our purchase and like the range of products available. This company is also associated with Anker, which is a brand I like, but be aware that there recently have been some scandals about their video security standards (see news results).

You get: Smart home products worth $200+ (nothing extra, $200 is minimum for my referral)

I get: A $40 gift card (or other products with multiple referrals)

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I used this service while I was looking at solar companies. They offer a way to get solar quotes without being inundated with emails and phone calls. In the end, I chose someone local on but I still like the service and they have helpful information.

You get: A $25 Amazon gift card when you choose to go solare with someone through the marketplace

I get: A $100 Amazon gift card

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In case you’re thinking about hosting guests on Airbnb…

You get: A new business?? When you sign up and host guests withing 90 days for $100+

I get: $200 cash reward 2-3 weeks after your first guest checks out

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Rippling HR Platform

You get: A $100 Amazon gift card when your company meets for a demo

I get: A $100 Amazon gift card

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Zenefits HR Platform

You get: A new HR platform (nothing extra)

I get: A %0-$1,000 gift card when your company signs up for an annual plan

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