It might be because I’m a spring baby or growing up on the eastern coast of the United States, but I really enjoy stepping outside after a rainy day. My childhood bedroom was in the attic and I remember falling asleep to the soothing sound of the rain on the roof and the leaves of the surrounding trees. A hard soaking rain can sometimes be overwhelming. But after the rain, the air feels so fresh; like the smell of growth.

In Southern California, we get most of our rain during the winter. After a long, dry summer and fall, the rain breaks up the hard ground and washes away the dust. The air is usually cold and heavy. Not your standard definition of “nice weather” but a palpable reminder of its presence. I like how the rain often lingers, a light sprinkling for a few hours after the rain stops. I can step outside and take it in.

It’s amazing how quickly plants respond to rain. Spring rains bring an explosion of life to barren ground and barren trees. In our region of California, grass fields go from no growth to spiking inches in a few days. Rain can even help add nitrogen to the soil, like a natural fertilizer.

That explosion of life may be what makes me appreciate the rain. It signals a new, hopeful chapter. No matter how long of a drought there has been, there’s always hope for new growth.

This post is a submission to My Kind of Weather, hosted by Jeremy Cherfas for the IndieWeb Carnival.