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  1. Birding in Peru

    When my wife and I arrived in Peru, I didn’t know that I would eventually identify 75 different species in the country. At the time, I was just getting back into bird watching and had less than 100 species on my lifetime list. Peru is not known as an eco-tourism...

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  2. Estamos en Puebla, México

    Back in February, my wife Bekah and I packed up our things and left the United States for Puebla, Mexico. We left Colorado last year after I began working remotely and my wife began working on her online master’s degree full time. But with no job holding us to a...

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  3. What I am grateful for from 2018

    Looking back, the past year has been filled with transition. My wife and I knew that she would be finishing her fellowship program. We knew that we would likely move to California at the end of the year. We didn’t know that half way through January, I would learn that...

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  4. Updating the Decorators Proposal for the Holidays

    The Ecma TC39 committee, which standardizes the JavaScript language (officially known as ECMAScript), has been discussing a decorators proposal for several years. Transpilers like TypeScript and Babel implemented the initial version of the decorators proposal, allowing developers and frameworks to start using the proposal before the feature became an official...

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  5. Automate Mojave Dark mode configuration

    If you like to automate your macOS configuration via bash scripts and have recently setup Mojave, you may be wondering how to enable dark mode, the configuration is called “AppleInterfaceStyle” and can be set using the following command. defaults write "Apple Global Domain" "AppleInterfaceStyle" "Dark" If you would like to...

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  6. Why I Got a Twitter Account

    How joining the social networking platform helped me become a better programmer

  7. Are our churches too siloed?

    With the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation coming up, it seems appropriate to look at how churches work without an organizing structure. At the beginning of church history, churches were small and geographically separated. Churches could often be identified by their city or by the home where...

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  8. Migrating an Angular 1 application to @types

    I upgraded an application at work to use @types instead of Typings today. Unfortunately I had trouble finding information on the differences between the two systems. Many things that were supposed to " work with no change" didn’t seem to be but eventually I was able to please the TypeScript...

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  9. Moving Forward

    The past two years of ministry in Springfield, Ohio have been filled with ups and downs for my wife and me. We have had the great opportunity to get to know the children who attend our church’s weekly children’s programs. We have also transitioned out of some of the ministries...

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  10. Takeaways from ng-conf 2016

    I know it has already been three weeks since ng-conf but I wanted to highlight my takeaways from the conference. This was the first technical conference I had ever attended so almost everything was a new experience for me. The only exposure I had to the format was through YouTube...

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  11. The First Year

    In October of 2014, I married the love of my life and I am so glad I did. I love being able to see her every day and having an excuse to treat her extra special. Her companionship brings me endless joy and she helps me be a better man....

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  12. Do You Think You Are Thankful?

    Humbled by those who know need

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  13. An Overview of Our Trip

    For those of you who had checked our blog while we were in Liberia, I’d like to apologize for our lack of updates. We were unsure of what our housing situation would be but we knew that during Bekah’s last trip she could get online from her housing at the...

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  14. Getting An Introduction to Africa

    Detour to Senegal

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  15. Why Write?

    An explanation of my entree into literary communication


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