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  1. Today Bekah and I went with her brother, sister-in-law, and their two boys to the Wild Bird Center where volunteers care for injured birds. The boys were so cute running around and checking out the different cages and the large number of ducks on the pond. Some of the birds...

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  2. Relaxing in the Orvieto Countryside

    After meeting up with my family, we drove to the town of Orvieto a little more than an hour outside of Rome. We stayed in Orvieto because my sister was studying there for a semester of her undergrad and had classes during the week. It may not be top of...

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  3. I really enjoyed being back in Connecticut with my family this Christmas. So many memories old and new.

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  4. Happy birthday to my nephew Zeke! I’m so glad I was able to be there for his birthday party this year. Seeing him love Thomas the tank engine brings back so many memories and his joy warms all our hearts. “There is no known cure for an obsession with trains”...

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  5. Happy #NationalBirdDay which highlights the threats that the illegal caged-bird trade and habitat destruction pose to wild birds. Try checking out what birds you can see in your own neighborhood. These are some I saw today. Clockwise from the top left red-shouldered hawk, northern cardinal, northern flicker, American crow. ...

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  6. Having the extended family get together to clear trees felt like a classic New England Saturday. Sometimes I miss having the opportunity to do big yard projects. It was a great reason to hang out.

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  7. My parent’s dog may be hyper, but he looks at home out in the snow. 🐾

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  8. This year was filled with some great experiences as @bekahbugs and I traveled to places I thought I’d never see. Looking ahead I see both light and challenges as we look to navigate our next chapter. But I’m grateful for the loving people around me that have helped me every...

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  9. Little bro and the rest of the JV @noiseshs stole the game 23-49 this week.

  10. Beautiful morning for Christmas time #birding in Connecticut

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  11. In case you are wondering how to describe extended family relations, here’s a diagram:

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  12. Anniversary on the Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful section of coastline on Italy’s western shore one providence south of Rome. Its steep hill produces great views pretty much anywhere you stay. We chose to stay in this region for the solo-anniversary portion of our trip based on several recommendations we had heard....

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  13. We Traveled to Italy!

    A Change of Plans After our honeymoon in Cancun, Bekah and I started saving for our 5-year anniversary trip to Hawaii because we really enjoyed the chance to travel to beautiful places together. Five years and half a dozen countries later, we were still planning on taking that 5-year anniversary...

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  14. Water in the desert

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  15. Happy Bekah-birthday to my beautiful wife. I am grateful for the way you remind me to enjoy life and try new things. I see how you step up to encourage others and support those others cast aside. I hope you never lose your motivation to make the world a better...

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