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  1. A year ago, @bekahbugs and I were in Cuetzalan Mexico which is in the mountains between Puebla and Veracruz. It was our first solo trip since we had arrived in Mexico and it forced us to practice our Spanish with people who didn’t know English. It’s a magical town with...

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  2. Sometimes the camera captures the picture you want. Sometimes it captures something else. Pictured in background: Allen’s Hummingbird

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  3. Outside the window of my home office there is a fence that a neighborhood Black Phoebe likes to perch on while it looks for insects. I love watching it perform aerobatic maneuvers, jumping up in the air before landing back down with it’s catch. #workingfromhome

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  4. I finished my blog post about Orvieto this weekend. It’s a really cool town with lots of interesting history like how it was a Papal residence after the Pope was ousted from Rome. The town has this huge cathedral (or duomo) in the middle of town. Unfortunately it will likely...

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  5. Getting out on the water with extended family was a nice way to end a weekend saying goodbye to a loved-one. I enjoyed meeting more of Bekah’s family and talking birds with her uncles. I wish it could have been under better circumstances. Honestly the kayaking was a little frustrating,...

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  6. I’m working on a blog post about our time in Orvieto last October. It’s been fun remembering everything we did together with my parents and siblings. I’m glad we could take that trip together.

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  7. We went camping in February!?! We stayed at Lake Skinner last weekend with some friends from church. Had lots of sun on Saturday, but we had our coldest day of the month when the weather shifted to cloudy, windy, and 50°F (10°C) on Sunday 😁 Even though we stayed in...

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  8. When people hear I like to grow house plants, a lot of people say that they always end up accidentally killing their plants. Well, the truth is that I accidentally kill plants pretty regularly. I’ve killed succulents, flowers, bonsai trees, lots of attempts at seedlings, and plants I thought were...

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  9. Saw so many cool animals at the San Diego Zoo! It was great seeing friends from Denver taking refuge from winter last weekend. Thanks for inviting us. It was short but a blast! 😁🌞

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  10. Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful wife. I love getting to experience life with you. 😍

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  11. Four months ago @bekahbugs and I visited Rome and made a whirlwind tour of the biggest sights. The art and architecture were breathtaking. There is a mix of modern and historic across the city making it a fun place to travel through. I’ve written down some of my memories into...

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  12. Rome is a Work of Art

    Rome is such a massively historic city that I didn’t know what to expect when arriving in modern-day Rome. I’ve read so much about it in the context of ancient history but relatively little about the last couple hundred years. What we encountered was a mix of multiple centuries organically...

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  13. I’ll add my own #SuperbOwl day post. This is Heidi, a Great Horned Owl at the Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center. She is unreleasable and so serves as a foster parent for young owls.

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  14. Saw one of these Yellow-rumped Warblers today (yes the do really have yellow backsides). I love the variations in coloring they have. They look different depending on where in North America they are.

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  15. I had fun messing around with our camera this weekend and snapped this pic of a female hummingbird in flight. 😁🐥🌹

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