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Our journey and thoughts as foster parents.

  1. We are changing foster agencies

    It has now been more than six months since our last foster placement. At the beginning of the year, we made the difficult decision to switch foster agencies. After how long it took to get licensed the first time, the prospect of another delay was discouraging. But I feel confident...

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  2. Wrapping up our first fostering experience

    After six weeks together our first foster kiddos were able to return to live with family members while their parent’s case continues to progress. This is great news for the kids as it will allow them to stay connected with their relatives. Throughout this journey, we were relieved to see...

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  3. We had a lot of fun taking the kiddos to the children’s museum last weekend. They both especially loved the big slides. This is probably not what people would guess when he says he painted a truck. Belly slides are just as fun.

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  4. Things I'm learning as a new foster parent

    After several weeks, our crash course in parenting has continually thought me new things. There are a lot of parenting lessons I’ve seen played out in other’s homes. But being now being the parent has really brought a lot of those into focus. Gains Our foster care certification process had...

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  5. We've started our first placement

    A couple weeks ago, Bekah and I accepted our first foster placement of two young kiddos; a five-year-old boy and a one-year-old girl. They are beautiful kids who love to have fun. They also have been through a lot, both in life and now being separated from their family. We...

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  6. We're becoming foster parents

    I’m excited to announce that after 10 months of the certification process and years of discussion and planning Bekah and I have been licensed by the state of California to serve as foster parents. Since the earliest days of our marriage, we’ve discussed how we could care for children needing...

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