We went camping in February!?! We stayed at Lake Skinner last weekend with some friends from church. Had lots of sun on Saturday, but we had our coldest day of the month when the weather shifted to cloudy, windy, and 50°F (10°C) on Sunday 😁 Even though we stayed in a tent, we didn’t suffer much with water and electricity at our site. We also ate real well cooking on the fire and the grill. I really appreciated the time outdoors.

Birds pictured:

  • Allen’s Hummingbird
  • Red-winged blackbird
  • Northern Harrier
A scrubby, dry, shoreline, next to deep blue water with rocky hills behind.
A man reaching out his hand to a hummingbird who is on a bird feeder.
A black bird up in a tree with yellow and red patches on its wings.
An orange sunset over a lake.
Sunlight on a cloudy sky.
A hawk flying low over a field.