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  1. Because I haven’t posted enough of either, here’s a yellow flower on a cactus

      nature plants
  2. The roses were in full bloom this weekend at the rose gardens. So many interesting varieties. Loved these “Love Song“ roses “Rock-n-roll“ roses I'm a little mesmerized by this animation

      nature plants
  3. I got a lot of sun this weekend, but I’d like to think it was worth it. Also posted on iNaturalist

      plants nature
  4. I think plants just go crazy in Southern California 🤔

      nature plants
  5. Saw quite a few of these handsome California Quail out hiking this weekend.

      nature birding
  6. I love that this is named a “Cobwebby thistle”. It’s so cool to look at. Also posted on iNaturalist

      nature plants
  7. Even the desert can be beautiful. Often life still thrives in its own unique way.

      nature plants
  8. Photography has been a fun hobby to pick up. Though I may backfill older posts I wanted to start with something fresh. I’m looking forward to adding more content to my site.

      nature ocean