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My experiences enjoying my childhood hobby of bird watching, identifying birds everywhere I go.

  1. Saw quite a few of these handsome California Quail out hiking this weekend.

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  2. Birding in 2020

    2020 Trends After a year of international travel that triggered my re-entry into bird watching, 2020 was a much more restrained year. While life events and global lockdowns kept me in the US, I enjoyed refining my birding skills and focusing on more birding from home. As the stress of...

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  3. A new bird for every day of the year

    Birding in 2019

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  4. The last day of #BlackBirdersWeek is for #BlackWomenWhoBird so I’d like to share some of the black women I’ve been able to learn from this week. @juitamartinez @wilderness_goddess @kassthefish @hood__naturalist @ldpharr Thanks to all these voices for sharing their experiences and especially those who helped organize this @blackafinstem event. ...

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  5. Orange-crowned Warbler hiding in bushes on the San Diego coastline. Birding should be a place where all feel welcome. As part of #BlackBirdersWeek there is a live stream today at 7 PM ET hosted by @blackafinstem and @audubonsociety discussing #BirdingWhileBlack. It’s a great chance to allow black birders to be...

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  6. Today kicks off #BlackBirdersWeek and day 1 is celebrating people who are #BlackinNature. This event was organized in response to the threats made against Christian Cooper while he was birding in NY. All people should feel safe to enjoy nature. There are lots of great naturalists, birders, photographers, and scientists...

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  7. This weekend Bekah and I saw a family of Peregrine Falcons on the San Diego shoreline. I’ve been wanting to see these birds for a long time and we happened to find a whole fam while out on a hike. The adults can reach speeds of 320 km/h (200 mph)...

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  8. Finally went through my #GlobalBigDay picture. Love this one of the neighborhood Mallards.

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  9. Today, I participated in the #GlobalBigDay birding event. The past year, I’ve gotten back into bird watching and even gone on guided tours into jungle forests. Even though I stayed in town today, I still managed to find 27 species including this Greater Roadrunner in our neighborhood park. I even...

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  10. Outside the window of my home office there is a fence that a neighborhood Black Phoebe likes to perch on while it looks for insects. I love watching it perform aerobatic maneuvers, jumping up in the air before landing back down with it’s catch. #workingfromhome

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  11. We went camping in February!?! We stayed at Lake Skinner last weekend with some friends from church. Had lots of sun on Saturday, but we had our coldest day of the month when the weather shifted to cloudy, windy, and 50°F (10°C) on Sunday 😁 Even though we stayed in...

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  12. Saw one of these Yellow-rumped Warblers today (yes the do really have yellow backsides). I love the variations in coloring they have. They look different depending on where in North America they are.

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  13. Happy #NationalBirdDay which highlights the threats that the illegal caged-bird trade and habitat destruction pose to wild birds. Try checking out what birds you can see in your own neighborhood. These are some I saw today. Clockwise from the top left red-shouldered hawk, northern cardinal, northern flicker, American crow. ...

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  14. Beautiful morning for Christmas time #birding in Connecticut

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  15. @bekahbugs and I really enjoyed walking down the beach and getting Shake Shack shakes at Crystal Cove state park near Laguna Beach. Saw quite a few new birds like this Black-bellied Plover down by the seashore. Totally worth getting sunburned 😎😬

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  16. While we were in Peru, I had a lot of fun discovering different kinds of birds. By the end of our trip I had seen 75 different species. @bekahbugs found it quite comical that we saw “hundreds of Peruvian Boobies” on the Ballestas Islands in Paracas. Who said birding was...

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  17. Birding in Peru

    When my wife and I arrived in Peru, I didn’t know that I would eventually identify 75 different species in the country. At the time, I was just getting back into bird watching and had less than 100 species on my lifetime list. Peru is not known as an eco-tourism...

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