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  1. I’m grateful we were able to travel last year. There are so many beautiful places in the world to see.

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  2. My post about our time in Venice is finally posted! This is the last post in my series about our trip to Italy last October. The Doge’s Palace, shown here, was one of the cool places we toured while staying in the city. When Venice was a regional power, the...

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  3. A Weekend in Venice

    As a boy, I remember my grandmother telling stories of her and my grandfather’s trip to Italy. The two of them were invited by a sibling to go on the trip with most expenses paid. For some reason, the destination that I remember hearing about most vividly was Venice. I...

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  4. I finished my blog post about Orvieto this weekend. It’s a really cool town with lots of interesting history like how it was a Papal residence after the Pope was ousted from Rome. The town has this huge cathedral (or duomo) in the middle of town. Unfortunately it will likely...

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  5. I’m working on a blog post about our time in Orvieto last October. It’s been fun remembering everything we did together with my parents and siblings. I’m glad we could take that trip together.

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  6. Four months ago @bekahbugs and I visited Rome and made a whirlwind tour of the biggest sights. The art and architecture were breathtaking. There is a mix of modern and historic across the city making it a fun place to travel through. I’ve written down some of my memories into...

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  7. Rome is a Work of Art

    Rome is such a massively historic city that I didn’t know what to expect when arriving in modern-day Rome. I’ve read so much about it in the context of ancient history but relatively little about the last couple hundred years. What we encountered was a mix of multiple centuries organically...

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  8. Relaxing in the Orvieto Countryside

    After meeting up with my family, we drove to the town of Orvieto a little more than an hour outside of Rome. We stayed in Orvieto because my sister was studying there for a semester of her undergrad and had classes during the week. It may not be top of...

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  9. This year was filled with some great experiences as @bekahbugs and I traveled to places I thought I’d never see. Looking ahead I see both light and challenges as we look to navigate our next chapter. But I’m grateful for the loving people around me that have helped me every...

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  10. Anniversary on the Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful section of coastline on Italy’s western shore one providence south of Rome. Its steep hill produces great views pretty much anywhere you stay. We chose to stay in this region for the solo-anniversary portion of our trip based on several recommendations we had heard....

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  11. We Traveled to Italy!

    A Change of Plans After our honeymoon in Cancun, Bekah and I started saving for our 5-year anniversary trip to Hawaii because we really enjoyed the chance to travel to beautiful places together. Five years and half a dozen countries later, we were still planning on taking that 5-year anniversary...

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